Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Things Old Folks Say....

Have you ever sat and thought about the sayings that old people have and wondered where they came from and it wasn't until you were old that some of them started to make sense?

That's how I'm feeling lately. There are two universal sayings that have made sense over this weekend alone.

The first: "This hurts me more than it hurts you." This is usually said when receiving a whooping! LOL!! But seriously, it is. And I never could understand how someone whoopin' your tail hurt them more than it hurt to receive it. But ....when someone is doing something that is mean and/or hurtful towards you but its, in a way, for your own good, it hurts them to be mean but its something that has to be done.

The second: "Bought sense is better than borrowed." I've FINALLY understood what this means. As individuals going through the life we are given, we are going to make some decisions that after its all said and done we will think, "Why did I even do that," but without mistakes how can you learn? What I take from this old saying is that when you pay for the lesson that you've learned you'll remember it more and be less likely to repeat it than if you're going off of what someone has told you. Yes, its good to talk to someone who has been down that road before, but experience is the best and worst teacher. HEY!!! That's another saying that I wasn't even thinking of but its a good one ....

"Experience is the worst teacher, it gives you the test before giving the lesson."

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  1. You just made me understand those 2 sayings! lol thaaaanks! haha Though, I've never heard the first one :o)