Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 Life Lessons Learned from Basketball

The dynamics in the game of basketball very much correspond to what takes place in life.

As in basketball, so in life:

1. Learn and master the fundamentals of the game.
Before you can play the game of basketball you must learn the basics or the fundamentals - how to play the game, how to pass, to dribble, run the court and shoot the ball. You have to develop the necessary skills to play at an acceptable level.

In life you must also learn the basics. You must establish what it (life) is, what it means to you and want you from it. You must then develop the requisite skills and strategies for attaining it.

2. Be prepared both mentally and physically. Elite athletes know that you can't function optimally or win games if you're not prepared both mentally and physically. You must be in great physical shape to withstand a long, grueling and demanding basketball season. Equally important, you must have mental fitness. Mental fitness includes a positive, willing and winning mindset. One without the other will not win games.

Being prepared mentally and physically is equally essential in life.

3. Be unselfish and a team player. Basketball is a team sport, which means it requires contribution and co-operation from every member in order to play well and win. Everyone must focus, work together and fulfill their individual role for the common good of the team.
As great of a player that Michael Jordan was, he did not win any championships until he learned to involve his teammates by trusting them and distributing the ball.

In one of the highest scoring games of his career, where he scored 63 points and set a playoff game record, his team lost to the Boston Celtics. In a sport where individual greatness is in large part measured by winning a championship ring, personal glory does not get the job done.

So it is with life. Contribute, co-operate and share.

4. Be alert and aware. Anticipate the play. The greatest players in basketball have all been credited for having extraordinary court vision and awareness. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and other great players knew exactly where everyone was on the court, the players' tendencies, and which plays would work against the different teams. The ability to anticipate and be ready for a play made them active, rather than reactive, players in a game. It's one of the factors that separates the great players from good players.

Being conscious and aware in life sets the stage for achievement.

5. If the plays aren't working, re-adjust the game plan. Every great basketball player knows that when your plays aren't working you have to adjust, and then adjust some more. The varying strengths and styles of different opponents require different tactics. You have to be able to withstand and respond to, whichever attack an opponent comes at you with.

Life presents us with many challenges
for which we must adjust our game plan.

6. Never give up on the play. Persevere. Another characteristic common to the brilliance of Larry, Magic and Michael was that they never gave up on a play. When they missed shots they would be the ones to retrieve their own rebounds, dive for loose balls, outwit defenders, and make every last second count (many times it did). They were willing to do the small things that the statistics didn't reflect. Many a dagger was thrust into an opponent's heart when the outcome of the game seemed a foregone conclusion. Why? Because they never gave up. Not on the play, not on the game, not on themselves!

Persevere. Never, ever, ever give up.

7. Win more games than you lose, but accept both victory and defeat graciously. No matter what sport you play, you can't win every game. In a 7 game championship series, two evenly matched teams often win only one more game than they've lost. It takes blood, sweat and tears to win a championship. If you give it everything you've got, no matter what the outcome, you can walk away with your head held high. Learn what it takes to win and come back and try again. Larry, Magic and Michael before they won, lost many, many games and championships. They had to learn to accept defeat before they understood what it took to win.

So it is with life. Everything will not always go your way. There will be both losses and wins. If you give everything your best shot and learn the lessons along the way, you will come out a winner.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6 Personality traits to admire and acquire

Saw this on yahoo - and I possess ALL of these traits!

Although I could probably list a dozen characteristics, I thought I’d list those that seem to be the rarest or most difficult to find.
  1. Selflessness: In a world where many people don’t have the time or the interest in others, selflessness is a quality that seems to be less and less common. People can be selfless in the time they give, the ability to listen, their level of patience and the love that they give. Those who are giving and generous in nature have the power to make others feel loved, appreciated and special. While those who are self-absorbed tend to do the exact opposite.
  2. Tolerance: Those people who are tolerant make us feel comfortable with who we are and special as individuals. All of us are different, and many of us have quirks and idiosyncrasies. After all, these differences make the world go round. Having the ability to accept people for who they are and not expect them to be who we want them to be is important in life, happiness and in the health of our relationships.
  3. Genuineness: Having the ability to be real, authentic and honest is unique in a world where we put so much emphasis on the superficial. Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and being true to one’s self is one of the most beautiful traits one can possess. To have a REAL relationship with someone requires honesty…it requires hearing and giving input or feedback that may not always be popular…it means having the strength to tell it like it is and to not be afraid to face the consequences for doing so…it means loving people for who they really are…deep down…and not for what they appear to be.
  4. Sensitivity: So often we are focused on what is important to ourselves that we can forget about those around us. Those who are sensitive are often thoughtful, appreciative and loving, in a way that makes you feel understood, valued and respected. Often, sensitive people are also self-aware, making them mindful of how they impact others with what they do and say.
  5. Integrity: Call me cynical, but I think this characteristic is especially difficult to find. In a time when people will do things that are underhanded to make an extra buck (Bernie Madoff…can you hear me?), expose their personal lives to the public so they can be famous (balloon boy’s dad and any other reality TV mongers) and do what feels good in the moment without necessarily thinking of the consequences (Tiger Woods), integrity is a characteristic that is especially unique today.
  6. Humility: Whether someone is super-smart, extremely talented or drop-dead gorgeous, there is something extra special about them if they don’t come across as though they know it all the time. Humility in those that possess extraordinary traits make others feel special too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Its been a couple of weeks since a post. I've been so busy that I have to SCHEDULE time to nap!

But today has been a relaxing day. I woke up at 6am ...on a Saturday to take my test for certification. It was a bit repetitive and I think I was tired and feeling as though I should've waited until this semester was over to take the test. Hopefully, I did well though and won't have to worry about it again. Will find out in about 5 weeks.

So after I finished the test, I came back to my apartment and went to sleep. I woke up and watched "The Great Debaters" on tv, and now "Sex & the City" is on. I really love this movie, and I've probably seen it a dozen times and it always makes me cry at the same part - when they are in Mexico.

This particular part makes me think of friendships. Even though this is just a movie, I really believe that movies are based on someone's life. Carrie has 3 friends that she met when she moved to NYC and remained her best friends throughout all the ups and downs of life. I feel like I've been a very good friend to all of my friends. And in some instances it has backfired in my face - the most recent mentioned in previous blogs. I've been told that I would always be a close friend but someone could never be my best friend because when I get upset I "take things out" on people close to me this person who I've known for years doesn't want to be that person. WOW!! So I was pretty much told that I was only getting a half-friend because when I get upset, it frustrates me and I don't know how to handle I admit I take things out on others. So, I can't be selfish because others can't handle it.

I guess I should've known what type of friends I have when everything happened with Jordan. I couldn't even tell you how many people that were my "friends" had called to check on me or just to talk. It was after I lost Jordan that I stopped getting in touch with people first. Every once in a while here lately, I'll send a text or something to someone. But for the most part, I don't pick up my phone to contact anyone except for my mom if they haven't contact me first because...what's the point? If they don't have anything to say to me, why should I have something to say to them?

I know that everyone is a friend in their own way. But the type of friend I am to my friends, they aren't that way to me - but they are to other people...other friends who aren't the same type of friend or even on the same level of type of friend that I am. I guess I'm feeling dooped. Why am I getting the short end of the stick??

So back to Sex & the City...when will I find the Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha to my Carrie? I'm back at a point that I've thought I've been at before, but with a twist. I'm learning to be comfortable doing things alone. I was talking to someone about doing a celebration for my Graduation and birthday (Graduation is in May, birthday is in June - how fitting, right?). At first I said I would want to do a cruise. But then I got to thinking about being on a boat for 3 - 5 days and only being on land for a few hours a day...not my cup of tea just yet. So I announced a change of plans that I would want to go somewhere that I had never been, but a beach of some sorts and just chill. What was suggested? A state where they knew people and they could invite a group of their friends that I might like. But if I'm spending a weekend with people I just met, I have no choice but to be nice to them! So as I'm writing this blog, I've decided to go against that plan. And just go somewhere by myself. Not having to depend on anyone else or plan things around what they do or don't want to do - because obviously the same courtesy was/is not going to be paid to me.

Its that time that I become my own best friend. Maybe once I perfect that I'll be able to find 3 friends ...true friends.