Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never Bring Up the Past or What Was Done When Youre Mad

Any one who knows me pretty well knows that I have a very big heart and don't mind doing for the people that I care about. They also know that I always worry that, "my kindness will be mistaken for weakness," and as hard as it is for me I try not to be too much of a giver.

I am not one to ask for something unless I really need it, and if I have it to give I'll give it.

Nothing bothers me more than when people bring up the things that have been done like some type of score is being kept. Am I the only one who has noticed that this is done when someone is angry? Why is that??

Why throw in someone's face something they ALREADY know? And why bring up what someone has done for you - they don't need to be reminded and in some cases it will appear as though that's the reasoning behind keeping them around.

It's easy to find out where someone is located if the bring up things they've done (they might just be doing it for recognition), you've done for them (that's really what's important to them), or they start singing a different song once the open door has been closed, so to speak.

It's 2010...only the 19th day and I've already learned so much about myself and others. I like years that I start off learning, I like being a lifelong learner :)

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